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A facelift or non-surgical?

A facelift or non-surgical treatments such as Mesotherapy – Which is best for me?

With so many procedures now available to enhance a person’s appearance, it can be hard to choose between them. Below, we have provided information on facelifts and a range of non-surgical alternatives to allow potential patients to make an informed decision about what would be best for them.


A facelift is a surgical procedure that can treat sagging skin on the cheeks, jowls, neck and chin. A surgeon lifts and resituates the facial skin and tissue by making an incision in the hairline, past the front of the ears and then back into the hairline. A cut may also go under the chin if required. Excess skin is then trimmed off to produce a much younger appearance due to the resulting tightening.

Facelifts are done under general anaesthetic and are quite serious operations, with patients needing to wear bandages for around two days and refrain from physical activity for at least two weeks.

Although the skin will still age following a facelift, the results are permanent and can be quite dramatic.

Would-be patients should be aware that a facelift will not affect the skin around the mouth.

Non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

For people who do not want to commit to a facelift, there are a range of non-surgical options which we will mention briefly here.


Mesotherapy involves a customised blend of vitamins and antioxidants being injected into the face in a similar way to Botox™. They stimulate collagen production and increase hydration, resulting in an improvement in the skin’s luminescence, elasticity, texture and tone.

This treatment can be done in 45 minutes and is especially useful for the eye area, the upper lip and the decolletage.


This powerful treatment can perform anything from mild exfoliation to a deep-down removal od scarring and wrinkles. It may be excellent for those with sun damage and pigmentation, or former acne sufferers.

Millions of people have had microdermabrasion and it is popular because it involves no recovery time and causes minimal discomfort.

Chemical peel

Popular among celebrities, a chemical peel allows patients to get rid of old, rough skin that may be damaged and wrinkled to reveal a fresh, new complexion underneath.

The peel will be carefully tailored to meet each individual’s demands, so should yield excellent results every time, taking only a short time to develop.

Non-surgical 3D facelift

Specially developed by SurgiCare, this is the closest patients can get to a facelift without going under the knife. It is a combination of muscle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers and a chemical peel and treats the whole facial area.

This will result in added definition, wrinkle reduction, sculpting and the rejuvenation of dull skin for a much younger appearance.

Which procedure should I choose?

Choosing to have a facelift is a big decision and one that should not be undertaken lightly. It involves a large operation which carries risks like any other and will result in permanent changes to the face.

However, this is a positive aspect for many patients, as they will knock years off their appearance without having to keep returning to have small procedures done.

Non-surgical procedures may be a good taster for people who have not had plastic surgery before, as they produce noticeable results without any recovery time and the need for an operation.

However, they will need to be topped up, every six months in some cases, as they will not last forever.

It is ultimately down to personal choice and individual circumstances, but a consultant will be able to discuss the options in a more detailed manner, so it is wise to book a consultation with Surgicare today.
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