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PIP Patient Information

Dear Patient,

We have added a significant amount of resources to enable us to prioritise your request for information around your personal situation and to establish whether you have in fact had PIP implants. We aim to get back to you with information within 7 days of your initial enquiry or submission of your request for that information.

Please note that the make and model of your implants will be on your original discharge document and all patients receive this. We are working through all of our enquiries as quickly as possible and appreciate your co-operation and patience.

Surgicare Medical Group’s current advice on PIP implants is the same as that of Prof Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director who led the expert group review on PIP implants, who concluded that, “we do not think it is necessary to recommend the routine removal of these implants.”

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley also stated that the advice to PIP patients with PIP implants remains the same, and that there is no evidence to suggest routine removal.

The Department of Health’s expert group also concluded “there is no evidence that PIP implants are associated with a higher risk of breast cancer than other silicone gel implants”. “Toxicology tests on samples of filler material in both France and the UK suggested that there was no significant health risk to women who had already received the implants.”

Surgicare Medical Group are not recommending routine removal of any PIP implants unless they have ruptured. However we do recognise that many of our PIP patients who have these implants are anxious . We have been auditing our rupture rates for many years in both PIP and other implants that we have now used for several years. We have not found in our data any cause for concern, all our data is routinely reported to the MHRA.

We have collated a number of options for our PIP patients.

Please click one of the options below to book a consultation. Due to high call volume for your convenience please use the consultation form provided.

Our Clinic’s business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 – 20:00.
We envisage you’ll receive a response to your enquiry within 7-10 days.

Option 1
Removal – FREE

We are offering free removal on all PIP implants.

Option 2
Replacement from £2,500

We are offering a breast implant replacement procedure with Allergan CUI implants at £2,500. If you want your implants replacing with Allergan Natrelle implants this will cost £2,995

Option 3
Removal with Uplift – £3,000

This option is for patients who no longer want to have implants but want their volume restored, and breasts reshaped after their PIP implants have been removed.

Option 4
Non Surgicare Ltd. PIP Patients

This option is for non Surgicare Ltd. patients who have PIP implants but are unable to have them removed or replaced with their original provider. We can replace their implants with Allergan CUI implants for £3,500 or alternatively Allergan Natrelle will cost £4,000.


PIP Implant Information Request

The latest advice from the department of health continues to be there is not sufficient evidence to recommend routine removal of PIP implants, women who are concerned should speak with their GP.

We recognise that this statement has not gone far enough to reduce our patients anxiety levels. We would like to re assure you that SMG operates to the highest standards of clinical excellence. PIP implants were licensed in the UK by the MHRA a Department of Health government agency, for the use in the UK, the NHS , private hospitals, private clinics and private surgeons all used PIP implants for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

9th January 2012

Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) breast implants update (from MHRA)

The government has announced this afternoon new advice concerning PIP silicone gel filled breast implants, based on advice from its Expert Advisory Group. This advice can be found on the Department of Health website:

Department of Health statement on breast implants and response to expert group report (external link)

6th January 2012

Our current advice to women with questions about PIP breast implants remains to seek advice from their consulting surgeon.

There is no evidence of increased rupture rates associated with PIP implants. A group lead by NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh is currently reviewing the data on rupture rates of these implants and is due to release its findings on Friday.

3rd January 2012

Information will be free of charge from your medical file regarding implant details.


PIP Patient Information request form 

Information will be free of charge from your medical file regarding implant details.

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