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Facial Surgery

There are many forms of facial surgery, which target different parts of the face, and can involve reshaping, lifting and fat removal.

Patients of all ages can undergo facial surgery, and for a variety of different reasons. Younger patients tend to opt for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) or otoplasty (ear reshaping) whereas more mature patients choose procedures such as face lift surgery and eye bag removal.

Choosing your cosmetic surgeon will be one of the most important decisions you will make when considering your procedure, and may be the difference between a good and a fantastic result. Choosing the right provider is also crucial, SMG will help you at every stage of your journey and give you the medical care and attention you deserve.

SMG’s top tips when considering facial surgery are:

Research and understand the procedure
Ask all the relevant questions in your consultation, and make notes
Ask about the risks
Follow your surgeon’s preparation for surgery and allow time to recover
Ensure you that you have discussed and selected the bespoke aftercare package that suits your needs 

How the Skin Ages

The skin ages with loss of collagen and elastin resulting in wrinkles and loss of elasticity and the eyebrows descend giving excess skin in the upper lid. Then fat redistributes resulting in; lower eyelid bags, nasolabial folds, jowls, fat under the chin. Then finally the neck muscles weaken giving bands in the neck and lips become thinner with creases forming around them.

If your face is showing these signs then you can come and talk to SMG’s face surgery experts.


  • Transport Service Available

    We offer a door to door service on the day of your operation from anywhere in the country to the hospital for the additional charge of £220.