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Patient Stories

Surgicare tracy weight loss

Tracy Williams’ Gastric Band

Tracy Williams was content; she had a loving fiancée and was preparing to get married before falling pregnant. After giving birth to her son, Tracy found it extremely difficult to loose her excess weight

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Joanne's Gastric Bypass

Joanne Martin’s Gastric Bypass

Joanne Martin was beautiful, outgoing and a size 8, She would never have imagined she’d ballooned into a size 24.

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chris gastric bypass

Chris Bodman’s Gastric Bypass

Chris was 53 years of age, struggling to buy clothes, feeling lethargic and always tired.

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Shane Whelpton’s Gastric Bypass

Shane Whelpton’s Gastric Bypass

Before his operation, Shane’s quality of life was not good. His weight was making mobility difficult.

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Surgicare surgery story

Susan Lane’s Gastric Bypass

Before the surgery I was really fed up being so heavy. My health was suffering.

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