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Shane Gastric Bypass

Shane Whelpton’s Gastric Bypass

shanes gastic bypass

Age: 44yrs
Lives: South Wales
Operation: Gastric Bypass
Pre surgery weight: 24 stone
Post surgery weight: 12 stone

Before his operation, Shane’s quality of life was not good. His weight was making mobility difficult — going upstairs or walking only a few yards took a great deal of effort and left him feeling exhausted.

Shane said “I got a lot of pain down my legs, I had a lot of back problems and very bad knees; I found it so hard to breath and I also had high blood pressure.

As a carpet fitter for over 26 years, there was always a great deal of physical exercise in my day to day life, but more and more I was finding that I was so tired at the end of the day that I would go home and go straight to bed until my son came home from school.

Only then would I set about doing the household chores. But I would also end up sitting in front of the TV and eating sweets and cakes. The rest of the evening would be spent fighting a battle to stop myself from eating more and more”.

Many times Shane would end up crying with despair, within a vicious circle of comfort eating and overeating to the point of not being able to stop and the subsequent quilt pangs.

His trouser size went up to a size 52 and his weight was over 24 stone.

Shane said “I didn’t know my true weight as my scales at home only went up to 23 stone!”

Embarrassed about his size; he would stay in rather than go out and face people. He would make excuses why he couldn’t meet up with friends.

Shane said “On the outside I gave the appearance of being a happy person, but the reality was I was very unhappy with my life and the size that I was”.

Shane knew that he had to do something about his weight. As a divorced father of one, he wanted to ensure that he was around for his son.

The decision to undertake weight loss surgery was not a difficult decision, as Shane knew that long term, the odds of living a long life if he didn’t do something about his weight, were very low. Shane said “it was a small price to pay for the extra life I would get, when you think about it. You can pay £10,000 for a car so under £10,000 for my new life was well worth it!

When I decided to have the gastric bypass I had mixed opinions from friends and family; a lot of my friends thought I was nuts and some were supportive. They all agreed that it was my choice to do something about my weight. My son and mother at first did not want me to have it because they were worried about me, having the operation being the size I was but after I told them about all the research I had done on the web and how I knew that I was making the right decision. They eventually came to the same way of thinking as myself and was very supportive in my decision.

I had found SMG on the internet; the site very informative and helpful and the main reason for choosing them was that they provided aftercare.

At my consultation, The Surgeon went through all the risks and complications that could happen; at the time this was hard to hear, as its different reading it to hearing it but I was reassured that I was so well informed.

Once I had booked, during the lead up to the operation, I was ok and not nervous at all. I had mentally prepared myself for it, the only worry I had was how I would cope after the operation with changing what and how I eat.

On the day of the operation, it was not how I expected at all. I don’t remember anything once I went into theatre and when I came round, I did not think that it was done, as I was in no pain at all! A few hours later, I was out of bed and only a little ache around my stomach. I was given a morphine switch and told me if I was in any pain to use it. I wasn’t in pain but I had a lot of fun with the morphine!

Once I returned home, I was really pleased to have access to the 24 hour helpline, offered by SMG. It gave me peace of mind to know that they were only a phone call away. My Patient Co-ordinator and the Lifestyle Team also made regular calls to me to see how I was doing, which was really helpful as they gave dietary and fitness suggestions, that I wouldn’t have thought of myself

Now nearly a year on from my operation, I feel fantastic!

My goal was to be 17 stone 38 jeans a year on from my operation, but that happened within six months and at Xmas I was 13 stone 32 jeans which was the best gift I ever had!

I came downstairs on Christmas day, in my sons jeans much to his shock; I felt so good it is hard for me to describe.

I have not stopped shopping I have been buying clothes for my holidays but when I come home I find that my son likes them as well and they fit him, so it is a game to see who can get them on first!

Apart from the obvious health benefits, it’s the little things that I take the most pleasure from, everything from being able to fasten my seat belt to seeing my feet!

When I started to loose the weight I got a 3 pound bag of flour every time I lost 3 pounds and now I have over 45 bags I find it hard to lift and when I think that is a lot more than what my son weighs and I used to carry that all the time how I don’t know

All my family and friends are over the moon for me, they think its fantastic.

Life now is great. I can walk, run, do any thing I want to do. I want to go out and don’t feel that I have to hide away. As for work I used to find it hard but now I have regained my love for it!

The money the operation cost is money well spent; I wish I had done it years ago and I would definitely recommend SMG to anyone else contemplating weight loss surgery”.

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