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Chris Bodman’s Gastric Bypass

chris bodmans weight loss

Chris was 53 years of age, struggling to buy clothes, feeling lethargic and always tired. Borderline diabetic, he enjoyed a busy social life but was fearful of dying at a young age, like his father who passed away aged just 54 yrs. Chris decided to take back control of his life.

Age: 54
Lives: Doncaster
Children: 3
Operation: Gastric Bypass
Pre surgery weight: st lbs ( kg)
Post surgery weight: st lbs ( kg)
Occupation: Managing Director of Family Firm

As a busy MD of a family business, Chris has a hectic business and social lifestyle. This included entertaining clients which wasn’t a chore as Chris enjoyed his food and socialising.

However, he found that he always felt tired and lethargic. He was also diagnosed with borderline diabetes.

He was always out of breath, couldn’t walk far and was beginning to feel depressed and unhappy. Chris was becoming more and more conscious about his size. When buying clothes, he had to resort to buying outsized clothes.

Chris had tried to curb his appetite for food and dieted in the past but with no success.

He knew that he needed to do something about his weight. He had heard about weight loss surgery and spent a lot of time researching weight loss surgery on the internet. He then found SMG’s website.

Chris said “I rang and spoke to a Patient Co-ordinator at my local clinic. She immediately made me feel at ease and got me chatting about my weight. She really made me feel confident, that I wasn’t on my own and that there was something that I could do about it.

So Chris rang and booked a consultation at SMG. On the day of his consultation he met with his Surgeon and discussed the options available. The Surgeon put Chris at ease and spoke in great detail about the options available. He identified Chris as suitable for a Gastric Bypass and identified the risks but also the associated benefits of surgery to him.

Chris booked his procedure on the same day as his consultation, for a fortnight later.

On the day of his procedure, Chris travelled to the hospital. Chris said “As soon as I arrived, the staff put me at complete ease. I was monitored and made to feel really comfortable. I don’t remember anything of the procedure itself but as I came round in the recovery, my assigned nurse was there as soon as I opened my eyes. I was in a bit of pain, as a result of the general Anaesthetic but this eased after a couple of hours. I was in hospital for 24 hours”.

For the first few weeks post surgery, Chris followed a liquids only diet, moving on to pureed foods. Over time, he gradually reintroduced specific foods to his diet.

His eating habits have now changed completely. Whereas before he would have chosen the largest piece of meat on the menu, he now chooses fish and vegetables.

Post surgery, Chris’ life has changed completely. He is more confident, can buy nice clothes and do things that he never thought he would. He regularly jogs up to 6 miles a week and cycles 30 miles a week, with a bike in the UK and in Spain. He has even tried Scuba diving, something that he couldn’t or wouldn’t have done pre surgery.

Chris said “My advice to anyone contemplating weight loss surgery is ‘have it done!’ The difference it has made to my health and wellbeing is unbelieveable. I am more informed about what to eat and how to eat it, although I do treat myself to a bacon buttie once a month — on toasted bread of course!”.